150wideAre you and your canine friend suffering from a severe case of Cabin Fever?  If so, bring your well-behaved and socialized dog to Dog’s Day Out.  Dave and Linda Shihata have graciously offered the use of their fenced in paddock for our dogs to romp in the great outdoors.  Proof of vaccinations (rabies, DHLPP or DAP) will be required and everyone will be expected to pick up after their dogs.  Bags will be provided. 

The date for Dog’s Day Out is Sunday, March 1st.  It will start at 1 p.m. and will include a potluck.  Please bring a dish to share as well as your own beverage.  Hot chocolate will be provided as will paper plates, styrofoam cups, napkins and plastic ware.  Drinking water for dogs will be available. Electrical outlets will be provided if you would like to bring something that needs to be kept warm.  Dress warm as this will be an outdoor event.  We will have access to the Apple House Retail Store, but it is not heated.  Dave and Linda will have some portable heaters to take the chill off the building.  The Retail Store overlooks the fenced in paddock. If we humans need to warm up but the dogs are too busy playing to get cold, we can keep an eye on them from the windows.   If there is “packing snow”, we will build a large snow dog for a group picture. 

A number of us got together last year at Natural Gait with our dogs and it was so much fun for both dogs and their humans.  But it was so dusty; many of us had difficulty breathing.  Hopefully there will be snow on the ground or cold enough for the ground to be frozen. 

The alternate date will be Saturday, March 7th.  The event will be postponed if the forecasted temperature at noon is below 25 degrees. It will also be postponed to Saturday, March 7th if there is rain, freezing rain or any type of weather that would make driving dangerous.  It may also be postponed or canceled if we get a March thaw and the area is too muddy to use.  None of us want to take muddy dogs home in vehicles.  

We will decide by 11 a.m. if it will be postponed or canceled.  Please check your email at 11 a.m.   If there is no email from me, the event is a “go”.   If you do not have email, you can call me at 326-2914 or on my cell 608-306-1260. 

Directions:  Shihata’s Orchard is located north of Prairie du Chien on Limery Road.  You can get there by taking Highway 27 North or Highway 35 North.  If you take Highway 27 from PdC, turn left on Limery Road and you will see the Retail Store on the right side of the road.  If you decide to take Highway 35 North, take a right onto Limery Road and the Retail Store will be on the left.  There should be plenty of parking.

If you plan on attending with your dog (s) ¸ please provide proof of vaccinations prior to the event by mailing them to Bev Pozega, 32398 Gran Grae Road, PdC WI 53821, or giving them to her in person.  Please, no aggressive dogs or female dogs in heat.  Also, all dogs must wear buckle collars with id tags and have a leash on until they are in the fenced in area.  It is recommended that all dogs be on some type of topical or internal flea and tick control as well as vaccinated for kennel cough.  Dogs showing aggressive tendencies will be asked to leave. Please reply to this email or call Bev at (608) 326-2914 if you would like to attend.  Please, do not feel that you need a dog to attend.  Virtual dogs are welcome also.  This event is fun to watch even if you do not have a dog.    A Hold Harmless Agreement will need to be completed by everyone attending on the day of the event. 

There is no charge for a Dog’s Day Out, but Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter will have their donation jar along for anyone interested in making a donation to this hardworking organization dedicated to raising money for an animal shelter for the PdC Area. 

Pet Expo 2015

Parade of Rescue Dogs

Pet Expo 2015, sponsored by Nelson True Value of Prairie du Chien, Wi, took place February 7, 2015. The event featured adoptable pets from CASA-Crawford Area Shelter for Animals, Inc. pictures & petting with Chance the Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter PDC Mascot, micro chipping clinic by Crisse Reynolds, Crawford County Animal Control officer, and a visit with Crawford County Canine Deputy Bresser and Breck.  Kris Perkins and her rescue Border Collie thrilled the record crowd with a Frisbee catching demonstration.  Tender Care Animal Hospital staff trimmed dog’s nails and answered questions from the audience.  The expo also introduced Rivers and Bluffs therapy dogs.

A special booth with Ashley Christianson, owner of Mist-ified, LLC, Prairie du Chien, offered information about a 60o+ mile plus bicycle journey to Bayfield, Wi and back to Prairie du Chien as a fund raiser for Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter. Along with  her husband, Brandon, they plan to stop at animal shelters along the way. Their Facebook page is called Pedaling for Pets.

Over 140 entries for the Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter coloring contest covered an entire wall of Nelson’s True Value.

A very special feature of Pet-Expo 2015, featured rescued dogs and their owners. Included in the parade of Rescued dogs were:


Owner – Paula Gutzmer

Maggie is a Blue Heeler mix who was born in April of 2005. As a small puppy, she wandered on to the property of Nancy and Bill Stuart in rural Eastman. While Nancy came to love Maggie very much, she knew that keeping an additional dog was not in the plan. The Stuarts fostered Maggie for 3 years, waiting for exactly the right person to come along to provide Maggie a forever home.

Meanwhile, Paula Gutzmer was devastated by the loss of her dog Buddy to cancer suddenly in 2008. She was hoping to complete training with Buddy to do Pet Therapy work in her retirement. With the help of the Tender Care staff, the connection with the Stuarts was made and Maggie moved into her new home.

In the fall of 2008, Maggie completed basic obedience training, and began working with Bev Pozega to learn the additional skills necessary to complete the Certified Therapy Dog Evaluation through Therapy Dogs International. As Paula and Bev held their breath, Maggie successfully passed the exam on her first attempt!

Following Paula’s retirement in the fall of 2010, she and Maggie began visiting the Nursing Home in Prairie du Chien, where it quickly became apparent that Maggie had a very special talent for comforting and bringing joy to the residents. The friends that they visited weekly enjoyed sharing stories of the pets they had earlier in their lives, and of course, enjoyed lots of petting as well.

Paula’s next goal was gaining approval to visit the Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital, and early in 2013, the team began weekly visits, providing comfort not only to the patients, but to the staff members as well. The final step in completing Paula’s vision was the completion of Hospice training in order to provide comfort and companionship to people at the end of their life’s journey.

Maggie and Paula’s Pet Therapy work is not only rewarding for Paula, but it has quickly become the highlight of Maggie’s week. She has the perfect temperament for the job, and has reduced the pain level and blood pressure of many patients, and has brought many smiles to their faces.

For the past few years, Maggie has battled a renal disease that affects the ability of her kidneys to process proteins. Since not much is known about renal disease in canines, Maggie has become a bit of a medical experiment. But with the help of Dr. Jamie and the entire Tender Care staff, her condition is currently stable so she can continue her Pet Therapy work.

This coming April 30th, Maggie will celebrate her 10th Birthday. Her Birthday wish is to continue meeting new friends through her Therapy visits for years to come!


Owners – Cheryl Statz and Steve Tibbets

Full Name: Chyna Shepard. She was named after a character in a Dean Koontz novel. She was turned in as an 11 month old pup to the American Lab Rescue organization in Florida. She was fostered by a wonderful woman named Sandy Christie in Florida. We found her picture on American Lab and decided she was the one for us. She made the long trip up from Florida in a climate controlled truck with 25 other dogs. We met the truck in a parking lot in Glastonbury Connecticut and fell in love with her at first sight. Chyna likes to play with her brother, but she particularly likes to meet new people. She has a habit of "smiling" whenever you call her name. She was 8 years old on July 4 of 2014.


Owners - Kris and Bill Perkins

Daisy, a 2 and a half year old border collie. ( If Kris’ memory serves her correctly, )she was found on the side of the road in a box with 2 other puppies at about 6 or 8 weeks old. The sheriff who found the puppies kept one and the other 2 went to foster care in NE Iowa.

Kris and Bill had just lost their 9 year old Border Collie/Spaniel mix to cancer that spring and were looking at rescue shelters all over WI, MN, and IA for another one. Their previous dog, Henry was a rescue from the Viroqua shelter and they had been looking for a Border Collie or Border Collie mix for about 3 months at this time. Kris and Bill have had 4 other dogs from rescue shelters over their 38 years of marriage and they all have been wonderful.

Kris and Bill found Daisy's photo online for the NE IA shelter and went that very day to look at her. It was love at first sight, and they brought her home with them. Their search was over!

Daisy, as like all Border Collies, is very smart and focused. She lives to play Frisbee and to chase tennis balls, and she loves to learn new skills. It only takes a few days of repetitive practice for her to pick up a new skill and she knows commands like "roll over", "car" (which means sit when there is a car coming by while we are walking on country roads), "find (whatever)", "go around", and the usual sit, down, shake, jump as well as being able to identify specific toys or treats by name. You really only need to tell her to do something once and off she goes to do it!


Owner: Kim Pinkham

Kim Pinkham is a rural mail carrier. Her route includes the mail box of John and Carrie Nolan on Highway N, north of Prairie du Chien. On July 29, 2013, Kim noticed a beautiful collie mix hanging around Nolan’s mailbox. Someone had put a dog bed, food and water for the abandoned dog. The dog did not seem to want to leave the mailbox. He was very timid and would not let anyone near him. Two days later, Kim hit the jackpot. She was able to get this dog to trust her by sitting quietly, talking to him gently and sharing a bag of Cheetos. Kim crouched on the ground and the dog finally let Kim touch his leg. Soon, Kim was able to get a leash around the dog’s neck. The rest is history.

Kim named the dog, “LuKa”, which means “bringer of light”. Kim’s brother had died on June 26th of that same year. Kim’s birthday is July 30th. Kim felt that Luka was a sign that her brother was telling her everything was ok. Luka has brought so much joy and happiness to Kim.

Kim is not sure who really rescued whom. All Kim knows is that Luka came into her life when she needed him to and she is sure that Luka feels the same way.


Owner – Phil Dwornik

This sweet 4 year old Border Collie was dumped 2 ½ years ago by Tina’s K-9 Rescue near Sparta, Wisconsin. Ripped up and bleeding from head to tail and unable to walk, the dog faced many challenges and hardships. Deb and Phil Dwornik had recently lost their Border Collie and knew they needed another one to fill the void. After searching for hours, they took a daytrip to Tina’s K-9 Rescue the very next day in the hope of finding the perfect fit. It was love at first sight. Since finding her forever home, Sadie’s days are now filled with love, Frisbee playing, truck rides, camping and holding the bed down.


Owners – Marjie and Tom Bennett

I'm a 3 1/2year old husky/lab. I had 10 brothers and sisters and someone left us off at the Iowa County Humane Society one night. When I was about 9 weeks old, Marjie and Tom Bennett came into our room. They were looking for a dog but they weren't planning to take a puppy home. They didn't know how to take care of puppies. They thought that it wouldn't hurt anything just holding a puppy. The next weekend I was adopted and got to go home to live with them. I love my life and I love people. I want everyone to be in my pack. I try my best to please and to make others happy. Someday I want to be a Therapy Dog.


Owners: Bob and Diane Witt

Molly’s mother was a Labrador and her father was a Labradoodle. She was born on January 15, 2010.

When Molly was 1 ½ years old her owner died in a swimming accident. The family found they could no longer care for Molly and asked a friend if she had anyone who might help them to rehome her. That friend contacted Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter and they posted a picture of Molly on their web site. On a fateful day in Sept. 2011, Bob and his wife, Diane, saw that posting and wondered how she would get along with their cats. The very next day a new picture was posted with a kitten curled up with her! Bob and Diane contacted the family and went to meet Molly. Molly’s owners took Bob and Diane out into their yard and tossed a ball for Molly to chase. She brought that ball back to Bob! I think she knew from that minute that they were meant to be together!!

Life was a little hectic at first when Molly came to Bob and Diane’s home. Although she liked our cats, one of them wasn’t so sure he liked her! And he is still a little devil to her at times but Molly has grown to ignore his occasional hissing!

Molly was also not a good leash dog. She pulled and tugged and didn’t really listen during our walks. Her previous owners used a “shock collar” to train her which means she didn’t really listen to verbal commands. We removed that awful collar and signed up for dog obedience classes where Molly and Bob learned how to behave together. Once in a while, the trainer threatened to make Bob where a shock collar!

Bob and Diane cannot imagine life without Molly. She has quite a few doggie friends who come over to play in her great fenced backyard. Although she doesn’t get “people food” she loves Diane’s favorite snack – popcorn - and always gets a few pieces tossed her way. Molly also loves to ride in the car and Bob and Diane take her with them whenever they can.


Owners: Todd and Julie Whyte

Todd and Julie Whyte learned that an unplanned and unwanted litter of lab puppies was going to be born in mid-November, 2013. Todd and Julie decided that they needed a lab in their home. The puppies were born on November 20th. Dixie, the mother dog and her pups had been surrendered to the Humane Society of NE Iowa. The puppies were born in a blue 50 gallon barrel in the bitter cold. The foster parent from the Humane Society of NE Iowa could not get Dixie and her puppies until the next day. Dixie’s owners would not allow her and the pups access to indoors overnight. One puppy died outside in the cold that night. A second puppy was tangled in blankets and would have died had the foster parent not gotten there when she did.

Julie and Todd contacted HSNEI and filled out an application online immediately. They were able to see the pups when they were 2 weeks old and also at 5 weeks. At the 5 weeks visit, they picked their pup from the litter. Wrigley came home with them when she was 9 weeks old.

Wrigley has had basic obedience training and, has been learning to hunt ducks! Wrigley tried to camouflage herself by rolling in the mud on her first hunting expedition. She also got stung by bees. Wrigley was done for the day. She sat in the boat, waiting to go home.

Wrigley has been a great addition to Julie and Todd’s family. She is turning into an excellent companion and member of the family.

Pet Expo

988456_978643375496970_2455888924506191253_nJoin Nelson True Value in Prairie du Chien for the 3rd Annual Pet Expo on Saturday, February 7th from 10am-1pm at our store.
Check out all we will have going on! Adopt-able pets from CASA-Crawford Area Shelter for Animals, Inc.(weather permitting), Ask the Doctor thanks to Tender Care Animal Hospital, pictures & petting with Chance the Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter PDC Mascot, many great pet specials and SO MUCH MORE!!

Rivers and Bluffs Pushes Past $200,000 Raised Toward an Animal Shelter*

The year 2015 certainly started off with a bang for Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter (RABAS). A donation of $20,000 was contributed in early January from a very generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

This hard-working, not-for- profit organization recently hit an important milestone in their financial climb toward a desperately needed animal shelter for the Prairie du Chien area: $200,000. This additional donation put them even closer to a functioning shelter in the not-so distant future.

A donation of this magnitude, coupled with existing funds allow for site preparation and the start of construction.

Currently the group’s building committee has been visiting other shelters to gather ideas and talk with shelter managers. Project Manager Don Iverson is optimistic that, by this Sumner, the group will have made a decision on the shelter design and will also have an estimate of construction costs. Recently built existing shelters, similar in design and size to what RABAS is planning, range in cost from $350,000 to $400,000. The future home of Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter is located at the intersection of 22nd Street and Carnpion Boulevard on two acres of land donated by Steve and Lynda Welter.

RABAS membership, fund raising and donations continue to gain momentum as the group begins its eighth year of active fund raising. What started as a small group of citizens, organized by Dr. Jami Quick, concerned about the need for an animal shelter for the Prairie du Chien area, has blossomed into an active group. of almost 100 volunteers.

Fund raising has become a way‘ of life for RABAS volunteers. With fundraisers ranging from food stands, chicken dinners, pasta buffets, motorcycle poker runs, dog walks dog washes, live and silent auctions, guest server nights, Wake Up Santa, Princess for an Evening, 50/ 50, raffles and Kwik Trip gift cards, this group has done it all. With at least one fundraiser in almost, every month of the year, Rivers and Bluffs is truly a force to be reckoned with. For more information, visit or contact Bev Pozega at (608) 326- 2914.


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