Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter Tile Program

screenshot-www.brickmarkersusa.com-2017-06-06-08-39-20The movement to build a desperately needed animal shelter for the Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin area began in 2007. What started as a small group of citizens concerned about the welfare of stray and unwanted pets has evolved into an organization devoted to building Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter. After nearly 10 years of generous donations and constant fundraising, consisting of numerous community events, including dog swims, father/daughter dances, motorcycle poker runs, pasta buffets, chicken barbecues, used shoe drives, country music festivals and dozens of bake sales and food stands, the group broke ground on November 1, 2016. Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter is soon to become a reality.screenshot-www.brickmarkersusa.com-2017-06-06-08-39-08

Even without an actual animal shelter, this dedicated group of volunteers soon became a "force to be reckoned with." Through social media and a commitment to helping pets in need, the group has found "forever homes" for many animals over the past 10 years.

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Often times, donations were raised to help with necessary veterinary costs for animals with injuries incurred at the hands of former owners. Other times, Rivers & Bluffs volunteers paid for routine care and medical treatment out of their own pockets. Therapy Dog visits to the local hospital have brought joy and comfort to patients as well as an opportunity to forget about pain for a few minutes while petting a friendly dog. Children learn empathy and respect for animals while improving their reading skills through weekly therapy dog visits at area schools. Therapy Dog visits to nursing home and retirement centers inspire residents to relive happier times spent with their beloved dogs or cats in year gone by. Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter will strive to be even more involved in the community by providing education on the importance of spaying and neutering pets to prevent unwanted litters and offering volunteer opportunities to individual and groups.

Construction of Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter will be complete by mid-summer 2017. But, even though the building will be finished, there are many things still needed before we can open the doors and start helping pets in need. Kennels, cat condos, exterior canine play areas and "catios" as well as operating expenses for the first year will be necessary before we become functional.

Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter is proud to offer you a way to help us in our goal of an animal shelter that will serve Crawford and Grant Counties in Wisconsin and Clayton County in Iowa as well as to express your love for a beloved pet or important person in your life. We invite you to be a part of a very special commemorative opportunity by purchasing a personalized, engraved tile. Now is your chance to support Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter with a donation that will last a lifetime. Tile purchases will benefit homeless animals for years to come and will symbolize your commitment and love for animals. Tiles can be inscribed in honor of or in memory of an animal or animal lover, a donor's name. family or business name. The engraved tiles make excellent birthday, anniversary, Christmas or wedding gifts for the animal lover in your life.

This lasting legacy will be installed inside the animal shelter on a large wall in the reception area above a beautiful granite bench. Pictures of every successful adoption will be taken in front of this wall. Two tile sizes are available: a 4"x8" tile and an 8"x8" tile. A large black wrought iron Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter logo will adorn the center of the wall, surrounded by the memorial tiles.

Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter's Mission Statement: To be the passionate advocate that will provide quality care for companion animals in need as we seek their forever homes and educate the community about responsible pet ownership.