Your Pet’s Ticket Home

CAS_Cat_05“I just left my pet out for a few minutes, then the phone rang. When I went to open the door and called my pet’s name it didn’t come back. My pet never leaves the yard. What can I do?”
Does your pet have a ticket home? Pets may be lost for a variety of reasons – slipping out of a collar, running through an open door, strolling out of the gate that was accidentally left opened, frightened of thunder, or let out accidentally by a worker. In most cases the lost pets are found by a nearby neighbor or someone else down the road. Unfortunately, your lost pet can’t tell the kindly person it’s name or where it lives. Your pet needs help getting safely back home.
The most effective form of identification is a simple city or village license tag. Most often, the tag has a number that can be referenced to your name, address and phone number. Prairie du Chien pet licenses for unneutered or unspayed  dogs or cats is $8.00. A greatly reduced fee of $3 is charged for neutered or spayed dogs or cats. A vaccination certificate is also needed.  More information is found on the Prairie du Chien web site:
Your pet’s identification is their ticket home of they become lost.  In addition to a license, it’s important that pets have permanent identification in the event they get lost and lose their licenses. The preferred method of permanent identification is a microchip because a tattoo can fade over time.

An Action Plan:

Losing your pet, for some, can be traumatic and overwhelming. If an immediate search within your home or immediate neighborhood fails to locate your pet, your job is to get the word out. Lost Dogs Of Wisconsin ( offers effective advice for owners who have lost their dogs..  Lost Cats of Wisconsin ( provides a source of information if you have lost your cat.  Both sites are free. 
A local source of information is the web site of Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter. (

Celebrate the Fourth–Protect Your Pets

Dog-Fireworks3-300x246The 4th of July is a great time to celebrate but for pet owners it can be a nightmare. Fireworks are very scary to many pets and can cause them to bolt in fear. We urge you to take precautions and keep your pets well secured and indoors. Right now, take a photo of your dog!

If your pet does go missing and runs in fear take the following steps immediately:

1. Immediately put out food, water and your pet's bed or an article of personal clothing at the location where the dog was last seen.
2. Go to Click on the bright orange box to report a lost or found pet.
3. Print flyers from helping lost pets. Get the word out using flyers and signs. Go door to door in the neighborhood where your pet was last seen.
4. Instruct everyone you talk with NOT to call or chase your pet. Instead, call the number on the flyer.

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin is here to assist you if your dog does go missing. Your missing pet listing will be broadcast our Facebook Page at:

Please be sure all your pets are micro-chipped and keep tags on them at all times. We wish you a happy and safe, July 4th.

Shop Amazon? Help Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter

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Let the Games Begin

courageLet the games begin – dog games that is. Join Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter (RABAS) and Tractor Supply on Saturday, June 28th for Dog Olympics which will include a variety of canine/human team games such as an 11 legged race and musical chairs. Two different types of agility tunnels will also be available for dogs to try. Dog games will begin at 10 a.m.

For those of you with dogs in need of a bath, but dealing with the mess is just more than you have time for this busy summer, RABAS volunteers will do the job for you. Just bring your leashed dog and a cash donation to Tractor Supply, on Saturday morning and you will go home with a squeaky clean canine. The dog wash will begin at 11 a.m. and end at 1 p.m.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations and a flea/tick topical treatment is required. Female dogs in heat are not allowed. Dogs must be free of fleas and ticks. Collars and leashes are necessary and flexi leads are not recommended. Only friendly, well socialized, non-aggressive dogs are welcome.

Crisse Reynolds, Crawford County’s new Animal Control Officer will be available for a “Meet & Greet” at 10 a.m. Talk to Crisse about this new position for Crawford County and the challenges she meets and goals she has. Representatives from CASA (Crawford Area Shelter for Animals) will have adoptable dogs for meeting.

RABAS volunteers will be grilling brats and hot dogs from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Kwik Trip cards will also be available for sale.

Help Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter as we proceed with our 2nd phase of fundraising – building design and construction. Visit with RABAS volunteers about our progress to date.

For more information on Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter, please visit our website at or contact Bev at 326-2914.

Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for an animal shelter for the PdC Area. Your donation is tax exempt and can be mailed to: RABAS PO Box 421 Prairie du Chien, WI 53821.